KT: GOSS (Global OSS) Solution

    The GOSS offers some OSS solutions that support NGOSS-based service management and high-level     network  management. More details of each system are as follows;

  • Service Management System: E2E service fulfillment and assurance process management system covering whole telecom services. IRIMS: Integrated Routing Information Management System.
  • TFMS: Total Fault Management System monitoring and handling all kinds of network fault events with a one-stop view.
  • MPLS-VPN NMS: High-level network management system managing MPLS specific information on MPLS-VPN network


 NTT Comware: MPLS Network Health Check Management System

 NTT COMWARE exhibits MPLS Network Health Check Management System for network provisioning. This system is a simulator for MPLS network designing and traffic engineering, and it allows network administrator to visualize both MPLS paths and end-to-end IP flow in network topology. By using this system to simulate failures in MPLS network, it is easy to compute available bandwidth of the physical link and to find where bottlenecks in the network are.