APNOMS 2008 Symposium Registration Information

Registration Fees


(by Aug. 8, 2008)

(by Oct. 3, 2008)

(after Oct. 3, 2008)

Full (including student presenters)

400 USD
2,800 RMB
420,000 KRW

450 USD
3,150 RMB
472,000 KRW

500 USD
3,500 RMB
525,000 KRW


150 USD
1,000 RMB
157,000 KRW

175 USD
1,220 RMB
184,000 KRW

200 USD
1,400 RMB
210,000 KRW


150 USD
1,000 RMB
157,000 KRW

200 USD
1,400 RMB
210,000 KRW

250 USD
1,750 RMB
262,000 KRW

Extra Banquet Ticket

70 USD
490 RMB
74,000 KRW

70 USD
490 RMB
74,000 KRW

70 USD
490 RMB
74,000 KRW

Extra Proceedings

100 USD
700 RMB
105,000 KRW

100 USD
700 RMB
105,000 KRW

100 USD
700 RMB
105,000 KRW

  • Full registration fee includes technical proceedings, admissions to tutorial sessions, technical sessions, banquet, three lunches and coffee breaks.  
  • Student registration fee includes the same as regular registration except the banquet and LNCS proceeding are not included. 
  • Exhibitor registration fee includes lunches and banquet, but does not include admission to the tutorials and technical sessions.
  • For each of all accepted papers, at least one author including students must register by Aug. 8th, 2008 at the Full rate in order to guarantee their papers to be published in the proceedings.
  • All attendees and accompanying guests including students must register and receive a conference badge in order to participate in conference activities.
  • The Registration Information Desk at the conference will be located at the 3rd floor of Plaza Hotel Beijing Science Park. Hours of operation for the Registration Information Desk will be

  Tuesdy, 21 Oct.

  5:00pm ~ 8:00pm

  Wed., 22 Oct. ~ Fri., 24 Oct.

  7:30am ~ 6:00pm


Payment Methods


All participants must register via online registration system before payment and then use one of the following payment methods to pay.
Please note that all participants will be asked to register their user ID and password as part of the registration process. You can then use this ID/PWD to pay the registration fee and to check whether your registration has been completed succesfully.

  • Online Credit Card Payment



For Koreans: Korea Credit Card Payment System


For Non-Koreans: International Credit Card Payment System (VISA, MasterCard)
The online registration system uses the ALLatPay electronic payment subsystem. At the very beginning, users have to download and install "admxprox.dll" on their own computers for later online payment. After installing the *.dll file, users have to let the online payment window pop up and then enter credit card info. Finally, users can complete the card payment transaction by clicking the "submit" button.

  • Bank Transfer
    • For USD (United States Dollar) or KRW (Korean Won) transfer
      - Name of Bank: Woori Bank, Seoul, Korea
      - Account No.: 1005-680-001518
      - Account Holder: Korea Information and Communications Society (KICS)
      - Swift Code: HVBKKRSE
    • For RMB (RIMINBI, Chinese Monetary Unit) transfer
      - 您可以选择以下两种方式进行汇款(请注明“APNOMS 2008会议”,作者请注明姓名、

      帐号.: 0200025509014417830 开户名称: 中国人工智能学会(CAAI)
      银行名称: 中国工商银行北京学院路支行
      Swift号: ICBKCNBJBJM
      收款人: 邹亚茹 收款人地址: 北京海淀区西土城路10号 北京邮电大学167信箱 邮
      - All bank service charges for bank transfer must be paid by the registrants. Please email or fax us a copy of the remittance statement to us along with this registration form (English: Word, PDF, Chinese: Word, PDF) 
      E-Mail: juht@kmu.ac.kr
      FAX: +82-54-279-5663 (International participants) or
               +86-10-6228-2983 (Domestic participants from China)
  • Fax
    • Please use a hard copy form (English: Word, PDF, Chinese: Word, PDF) to register via fax only if you cannot register via the online registration system.
    • FAX: +82-54-279-5663 (International participants) or +86-10-6228-2983 (Domestic participants from China)

Refund Policy
There is 100,000 KRW (105 USD or 700 RMB) cancellation fee for registration. APNOMS 2008 must receive a written cancellation notice no later than September 10, 2008 to remit the curtailed refund. Refund will not be made after September 10, 2008. Author registration cannot be refunded.

Contact Information

  • Prof. Hongtaek Ju
    - juht@kmu.ac.kr
    - Tel: +82-53-580-5234
    - Fax: +82-54-279-5663

  • 关于注册方面的咨询,
    - 请联系邹亚茹(caai@bupt.edu.cn),
    - 电话:+86-10-6228-1360,
    - 传真:+86-10-6228-2983.